Faith Homeschool Connection

**2020-2021 ANNOUNCEMENT**

                     It is with very heavy hearts that we announce we are unable to continue our program for the 2020-2021 school year. We have had several major obstacles arise very recently that we feel would keep us from being able to guarantee a consistent and dependable program for students and families. We apologize for the inconvenience and abruptness of this announcement. FHC has tried to be a steady and reliable educational resource for students and we will continue to do so in the future.

                     We will try to offer several electives for a second semester. That will be determined towards the end of the year and announced on our website, as well as our Facebook page. We will also try to organize field trips throughout the year as opportunities are available to us (check the website and Facebook for info).

                      We hope you will consider us in the 2021-2022 school year. If so, we would like to share with you the curriculum we planned to use this year. This would be an advantage for students coming into our program the following year. Using the same publisher is helpful for students that plan to move forward in a particular subject. 

Here is a list of the junior high & high school curriculum that we use:

                                Spanish 1: access to internet

                                IEW: Student Resource Notebook

                                Junior High Literature: (book studies and poetry)

                                British Literature: Learning Language Arts Through Literature (the Gold Book- British Lit 4)

                                U.S. History: World History and Cultures (Abeka)

                                Speech/Communications: Sound Speech (Bob Jones Press)

                                Sociology/Psychology: Intro to Sociology (a Nextext Coursebook), Intro to Psychology (a Nextext Coursebook)

                                6-7th Grade Math: Saxon - 3rd edition

                                Pre-Algebra: Saxon - 3rd edition

                                Algebra 1: Saxon - 3rd edition (textbook only)

                                Algebra 2: Saxon - 3rd

                               Geometry: BJU

                               Chemistry: Abeka- 2nd edition

                               Physics: Apologia Exploring Physics with Wylie

                               Order and Design: Abeka

                               Energy and Matter: Abeka


                        Again, we apologize for the cancellation of this upcoming year. We want to reach students and help them in their education with full certainty that we are able to do so to the best of our ability. Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and patience. We are grateful to have such a wonderful support system with our local homeschool families. Please stay in touch with Facebook and our website.

Class Supplies Update

Click below to see the updated class supply lists and schedules for art.

Find updates and announcements on Facebook:

Upcoming Events 

All events, field trips, and gatherings have been cancelled until further notice and availability

We are giving local homeschool youth an opportunity to get together and connect.

FHC teens and other homeschool teens in grades 7th-12th are invited to come together for

video games, board games, movies, bonfires, and more.

Dinner will be provided. Participants only need to bring a snack to share.

Please continue to check website for dates and times.


(Next Teen Night - We will resume in person in August)

Does your student have a desire to learn the basics of sewing? Do they have a driving ambition for creating and designing with fabric? Then, our new Basics of Sewing class may be just what they are looking for! 

This class will provide students with knowledge of how to read and use patterns, use of the sewing machine, simple garment and article construction, hand sewing (including basting, hemming, sewing on buttons, and simple repairs). Sign up today on our registration page or contact us for more info. 

[email protected]

If you have a son or daughter that loves to perform and isn't afraid of the spotlight, sign them up for our 

drama class. They will learn the basics of stage presence and so much more while they practice short skits to 

perform during school hours and a large spring production for the community. 

Don't miss this incredible opportunity,

 sign up for the Drama class today!


We like to add extra creative opportunities into our weeks together at FHC. 

Theme Weeks give the students artistic freedom to  show their original & imaginative costumes, outfits, and designs. 

Kids are connecting through this fun activity and building friendships with one another.

(This is not a requirement. Students may or may not choose to participate). 

  • Oct 6: Mismatch Day                                                                * Feb 2: Inside Out and Backwards Day
  • Oct 13: Crazy Hair/Mustache Day                                       * Feb 16: Career Day or Athletic Day
  • Oct 20: Wear Orange                                                               * Feb 23: Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character
  • Oct 27: Silly Sunglasses Day                                                 * March 2: Favorite Flannel Day 
  • Nov 3: PJ Day                                                                              * March 9: Pirate or Princess Day
  • Nov 10: Wear Blue                                                                    * March 16: Wear Green and Gold
  • Nov 17: Nerd Day                                                                      * April 6: Wear Red
  • Nov 24: Favorite Sports Team Day                                      *April 13: Beach/Hawaiian Day
  • Dec 1: Wear Yellow                                                                  *April 20: Earth Day theme
  • Dec 8: Western Day                                                                  *April 27: Mismatch Day
  • Dec 15: Make Yourself into a Gift                                        *May 4: (Kid's choice TBA)
  • Jan 12: Something Snowy Day
  • Jan 19: Wear Black
  • Jan 26: Super Hero Day                                                             

Young Entrepreneurs Club

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Upcoming Shows

w/ The Justin Trio

Bring in your Box Tops for Education to the directors on Tuesdays 

and help raise money for the needs at FHC!

Don't forget to check out our many tutoring opportunities 

that we offer in/out of FHC. 

We have degreed teachers ready to work one-on-one with your student.

Click the "Tutoring" link at the top or bottom of this page for more info.

We are looking for instruments!

Click the icon above to find a list of instruments needed, 

instruments available for rental through FHC, and instruments that are for sale through other sources. 

If you have any resources for availability, please let us know. Please, contact us by phone or email if you have or know of anything that might be available for our students. 

Thank you so much for your support and generosity!


We will do our very best to make certain that we are available every Tuesday possible. 

We feel that since our group has limited time together each week, it is important for us to be there for you and your students. This, however, does not mean that we expect you to travel 

in poor weather conditions that you may be uncomfortable with. Your safety is our first concern. 

Please, only travel if you feel it is appropriate. 

If it is too risky and we feel we must cancel for the day, 

we will put a notification on our facebook page, 

which you can access through the "Contact" link above or below. 

You can also find our delays/cancellations on Wood TV 8.